Installation of ventilation units

Ventilation units provide for the exchange and air distributed by the ventilation system in a building or parts thereof.

Installation of supply and exhaust installations

The right amount of supply and extract air ensures the right way of ventilation for all types of rooms, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, production halls, etc.

Installation of fire dampers

As an experienced service provider for industrial installations and ventilation, we install shut-off devices such as fire dampers in ventilation systems.

Gastronomy solutions

Gastronomy requires a special approach. We make specially designed installations for gastronomic establishments.

Specialist indoor-ceiling installations

Professional approach, planning and qualified assembly with the possibility of designing and execution on the construction site. We adapt as one of the few to the course of work of other companies.

Installation dismantling

Dismantling, collection, transportation and recycling. We work for the environment and the investor so as to care even more about the climate and customer satisfaction.

How we do it?

The installations involve the technical industry throughout the entire supply chain through partnership and cooperation, knowledge building and assembly. We use our influence to create actions, changes and collective impact.

Installations inspire and equip people to accelerate sustainable practices in the construction value chain. We focus on minimizing harmful effects and maximizing positive effects.

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